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Killian Mullarney is one of the most renowned bird artists in the world. His drawings not only are incredibly good as a work of art but they also have absolute scientific precision in terms of proportions, colours and –more difficult- jizz. But Killian’s drawings just reflect what he probably actually is: a researcher of bird anatomy who is able to depict what his sharp eye is able to watch. Thus, he has contributed to the knowledge of identification of many birds that otherwise would have come overlooked.

In this year’s edition of the Delta Birding Festival –the second time he joins us-, his talk will be about rare birds; specifically, on how to develop that sixth sense that allows those who find rarities to spot that slightly odd-looking wader out of the crowd. He will talk about his method to see more and miss less when you are birding, which is basically a standard process by which we ask ourselves some key questions about even common species, figuring out a puzzle that eventually leads to notice things that “don’t fit”. This can lead to exciting discoveries!

If you think you miss out on rarities either in your local patch or in the hot spots you visit, you are going to find his talk absolutely revealing and, who knows, maybe you enter the club of rarity hunters!

Author: Ricard Losarcos