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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We knew that the Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) was migratory species but the scope and complexity of this migration was unknown. Now, we know that this insect can migrate South of the Sahara and the Canary Islands, reaching distances of thousands of kms., in a migratory cycle that is unique among insects.

Constantí Stefanescu, butterfly expert of the Museum of Sciences of Granollers and the CREAF, will explain how they are doing the surveys of Painted Ladies in Catalonia with the CBMS (Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Survey), a citizen science project that has dozens of collaborators who send information of butterfly populations by doing census in more than 140 itineraries around the country. In addition, we will also see how the collaboration of people from different science branches, from entomologists to climatologists, helped by chemists and ornithologists, has allowed the discovery of interesting facts about the flying migration heights, use of winds and the biological cycle of this species.

As a birder you probably know many facts about bird migration but… how much do you know about butterfly migration? Here you have a good opportunity to get your first insight into it guided by a great expert.

Author: Ricard Losarcos