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On Festival’s Saturday, a river trip up the Ebro river in search of birds is available for visitors. Probably, this activity is not considered as a first option for the dedicated birder who moves to the Ebro Delta in search of water birds or seabirds. However, this trip can yield interesting surprises, as last year’s.

The Ebro River has a lot of attractions for the birder that can be watched well if we sail up the river by boat. The islands, such as the Illa de Gràcia and the shores in places that are not accessible from the ground are interesting resting points for birds that don’t want to be disturbed. The birder can only find these birds from the very same river.

Herons, waders and raptors, among many others, show up in the river. From Night Herons to Eleonora Falcons, there are many birds that use the Ebro as a shelter in their journeys and they can almost only be observed from the river, a quiet place far from human glances.

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