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New York’s Central Park is an immense green island in an even more immense sea of concrete but the city of the skyscrapers lies in the way of a first class migration route on the East cost of the USA and dozens of millions of birds overfly it every spring and autumn in their journeys from North America to their tropical winter quarters in the South.

Notícia PelículaThis yields a real invasion of birds, especially during spring, when small warblers encounter this oasis to rest and refuel in their exhausting journey. They are the equivalents to our mainly dull warblers, which in the American continent are strikingly coloured, shiny and attractive. But “Birders: the Central Park Effect” speaks more about birders than birds, in a series of portraits of the characters that bird in Central Park, either amateurs of professionals, young or old, famous or not, but always interesting.

The movie features best-seller writers who got hooked on birding, such as Jonathan Rosen and Jonathan Frazen, passionate guides like charismatic Starr Saphir, who with a terminal breast cancer leads groups 4 times a week in spring, birders who infect others with his passion like Chris Cooper, who is worried to explain his hobby to his non-birder friends or Anya Auerbach, a very young 15 year old birder who wants birding to be cool.

The one hour long documentary (in English with Spanish subtitles) will be shown on Friday 19 at 9:30 pm in Amposta (not in the Festival grounds) and the session will be open to the general public. The place of the screening will be the Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre in Amposta. Stay tunned, you simply can’t miss this out!


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