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foto_MuseuThe Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona, sponsor of the tours Take flight, needs volunteer ringers for a short test at DBF16 to help them out with preparation of skins for their collection. Their curators noticed that the way bird skins -i.e. stuffed birds in a straight position- may not be the most suitable for those who review collections, so they need some help from experts who inspect plumage characteristics. And that leads inevitable to ringers.

Still to be determined what timetable it will be done, ringers are welcomed to visit the ICO stand where they will compare traditional and proposed preparation of skins and fill in a simple survey about their impressions when checking plumage features. The new preparation holds the wing of the bird slightly open and a leg of the bird in a more natural position. This should help when checking the age, moult and taking leg measurements but the Museum wants to know if you, as an expert, truly find it helpful.

Are you a ringer? Are you ready to collaborate? The Museum will really appreciate your help!

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