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Is birding adrenalinic or relaxing? It’s up to you. You can take your hobby as a contemplative, quiet hobby to enjoy the scenery and the sensations that nature gives to us but it can also mean racing to watch a rarity, driving hundreds of kilometers just to watch a bird or spend 24 hours non-sleeping to observe the maximum number of species in a day.

Aleix ponçAbout this second approach is what Aleix Comas and Ponç Feliu will talk about in the DBF. Members of the Tramuntana Birding Team, a renowned team that has won several bird marathons, Aleix and Ponç are to obsessive birders who are devoted to this hobby with full passion. They have been involved in marathons in Catalonia and Spain but also in different places in the world, including the famous World Series of Birding of Cape May, a cooperative marathon with dozens of very diverse teams.

Ponç undertook an EcoBigYear, in which he visited the whole of Catalonia by bike and on foot to observe the maximum number of bird species in a year. This is an exhausting task that meant that he biked or walked several thousand kilometers from the summits of the Pirenees to the Ebro Delta. No need to say that he is in perfect physical shape!

But our guests don’t stop here and they also contribute to citizen science projects, cooperate in censuses and participate in anything that can help others out enjoy birding.

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