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birdfly2Would you like to know what do the birds feel during their migratory routes? Being today in the hot south of Spain and tomorrow in an icy lake of Sweden? Today it’s a little easier thanks to BirdFlyWay project.birdflyway30

This route proposes to visit different European wetlands with very important ornithological interest in countries like Sweden, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland or Spain. The project includes information of each of these places to make the trip easier for the visitor. In addition, during the route the traveler will be able to buy a passport that certifies its visit to the different wetlands, but before that, he will have to comply with the challenges proposed by BirdFlyWay!

The managers of Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi, creators of the project, will present us this proposal during Delta Birding Festival. In addition the book “BIrdFlyWay. Un viaje en familia por la ruta de la aves” from Antonio Sandoval, will be presented. It is a novel that relates a family’s tour through the BirdFlyWay route.

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