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Garcilla CangrejeraWith the sponsorship of the main brands of cameras and photographic lenses, all present with their own stands at the festival, we will have up to six lectures given by prestigious photographers.

CANON brings us a “strange couple”, Marc Albiac, a young photographer who accumulates prizes to the most prestigious contests, and Antonio Liébana, one of the great Spanish wildlife photographers. Between the two we will enjoy one of the largest seabird colonies in Europe and will explain how to visit it and photograph their protagonists.

FOTOTECNICA has invited another of the greats, Iñaki Relanzón, to explain us how fundamental has been and still is the professional wildlife photography to seduce all people about the imperious necessity of avoiding the disappearance of species and natural areas .

From PANASONIC, a lecture by Carlos Caraglia will go in the same direction, showing us with extraordinary images the hurried thaw of the two polar ice caps of the earth.

In addition, OLYMPUS, SIGMA and FUJIFILM with Javier Parrilla, Juan S. Calventus and Javier Ramos, we will receive master classes on how to focus on nature photography, from different angles!

Author: Ricard Losarcos