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New at birding? Attending the DBF just to see what’s there for you? Will you do the “Take flight” tours? Will you dare with the boat trips? And after that, How are you gonna get really introduced to the world of birding?

You must know that the Catalan Ornithological Institute, DBF co-organizer, does courses and field trips to train from beginners who don’t yet know how to hold the binoculars to consolidated birders who want to take their hobby to a higher level. The ICO offers an ideal curriculum for you to become a birder:

People Abel grup ulldemolins swarovski cata 7 - lowFlash course: week-end course, full-time Saturday and Sunday morning. Trips in the mornings and 3 hours of class training in the afternoon to learn how to use the field guide choose a good pair of binocular and learn how to watch birds in the field.

Intro course: 4 full-time Saturdays. Field trips in the mornings and class training in the afternoon. You’ll learn birding but you’ll also learn to understand what you see: Why do birds sing? How do they find out their way on migration? Why do they have such an extraordinary vision? How can we count them? And many other “whys”…

ID course: 6 full-time Saturdays. Trips in the morning and class training in the afternoon. You’ll learn to identify birds that are a mystery for you: waders, seabirds, night owls, tiny birds that never come out from the bushes… In class, you’ll practice with videos, mystery photos, ID games and online resources.

With these three courses, which will add up 50 flight hours in the field and 30 more hours in class you’ll get to DBF 2016 as a crack. Don’t miss out this opportunity!

Author: canvis