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20160820_141010Our guest speakers at the Delta Birding Festival are truly first class ornithologists, scientists, photographers or other but we feel that people would like to know more of them: more about their careers, more about their works, more about their future plans and, why not, more about their life. Now, in DBF 2017, these questions will be answered in a new space called Agora, where we will interview some of our international guests. Arjan Dwarshuis, Jennifer Ackerman and Tim Appleton will be interviewed and you will be able to know more about their stories, beyond what you listen to in their talks.

Agora will also be the spot where you can get your books signed and interact with the author. If you want to know more or have a little chat with them, this is the place to be. Don’t forget to bring your copy of the books you want to have signed!

Agora is going to hold also some roundtable discussions, such as the “Hora Quercus” in which nature journalists from Quercus magazine will speak about nature photography and the work of long-time nature photographer Oriol Alamany.

We know that DBF’s Agenda is tight but if you are interested in getting a deeper knowledge of some of the talks and authors, we recommend you not to miss out on it!

Author: Ricard Losarcos