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The body of Agents Rurals will be at the Delta Birding Festival one more year!

Miguel Ángel Garcia Reàdigos, a member of the body, will explain us with his talk the tasks that they carry out in Ebro Delta for the conservation of the threatened Bonelli’s eagle.

On the other hand, Agents Rurals will also participate in children’s activities. The youngest will have the opportunity to do a workshop about footprints of Delta’s birds. They will learn how to identify some of the birds of the Ebro Delta through their footprints.

Finally, Agents Rurals, also will cooperate with the give back to nature of recovered birds. This activity usually takes places at the end of the festival. The released species come from the Wildlife Recovery Center of Canal Vell, a facility inside the Ebro Delta Natural Park with the aim of recover injured or vulnerable wild animals. They were moved there due to their inability to live in freedom, but after a timely time and thanks to the work done by the team of Wildlife Center, they are fully empowered to return to their natural environment.

Author: Ricard Losarcos