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There are many locations at the Ebro river that can’t be seen from the riverside, and only can be observed easily from the water. These are resting places for many species of birds who prefer them because of their inaccessibility.

During the boat trip, going upstream, we can watch birds who rest in these areas, for example, on the island of Gracia where there is no other access except by boat. Also, we will be accompanied by expert birders, with sound knowledge of the river wildlife. So, we’re going to discover the Ebro river in a way that you had never known before.

Herons, waders, raptors, Night Herons, Eleonora’s Falcons and much more can be seen in this boat trip. Furthermore, festival days coincide with migration season, so we can see many birds on passage who choose the river as their resting point but also as their communication way upstream or downstream.

The activity will be performed on Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th from 09 to 11h, depending on weather conditions. Tickets available here!

Author: Ricard Losarcos