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Visiting La Alfacada won’t disappoint you. This lagoon is one of the most unknown places in Delta, due to its restricted access. As a protected space by the Foundation Catalunya – La Pedrera, visitors only can observe its amazing wildlife’s richness by joining to the scheduled tours.

During the Delta Birding Festival, you’ll have the chance to join our exclusive guided tours are available for festival assistants. Guided by Mariano Cebolla, an expert photographer and ornithologist, you’ll have the opportunity to observe glossy ibises and waders in the abandoned rice fields. Once you get near the reserve’s heart, Pere Josa, a professional ringer, will be waiting for you with all his daily catches like colorful kingfishers or mustached warbler. You also will learn how to ring birds and its meaning. These two guides belong to Picampall, the ornithologist association that manages this protected area.

This activity is sponsored by SIGMA. You can get your tickets here.




Author: Ricard Losarcos