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WORKSHOPS – For kids and families
Throughout the Festival there is a marquee that offers workshops for all ages: kids, families, amateur researchers. Don’t miss out on actively participating in some of the workshops, courtesy of our collaborators.

WHEN? During the whole Festival Timetable

WHERE?  Marquee 4 (behind reception).







agents rurals






WORKSHOPS – Photography
Some brands offer specialized workshops to improve photography techniques.

WHEN? Schedule


WHERE?  In the presentations room of the second floor in the Viewpoint Building and at Olympus marquee.






PENGUINS – Photo exhibition
The exhibition “Penguins” shows a selection of pictures made during various trips to the Falkland Islands, the Galapagos Islands or Antarctica. With this exhibition, the author, Iñaki Relanzón, shows some of the most spectacular scenes of the life of these emblematic birds, and awareness of the effects of climate change are producing to their populations.
There will be 3 sessions commented by the author

WHERE?  Second floor of the 360º Viewpoint Building. Se harán 3 sesiones comentadas por el autor

Saturday: at 12:00 pm & 6:00 pm

Sunday: at 12:00 pm




METAL BIRDS – Recycable sculptures
MónNatura will be invaded by some egrets born from metal scraps. An absolute enjoy to the art of recycling by the young self-taught artist Luca García.

WHEN? During the whole Festival

WHERE?  At the salt marshes zone


dbf photo contest

DBF PHOTO CONTEST – Exhibition of finalist pictures
Throughout the Festival you can enjoy the 30 finalists pictures of the DBF Photo Contest.

WHEN? During the whole Festival.

WHERE?  In the marquee at the end of the optics zone.



GRAFFBIRDS – Graffiti painting on air
Art doesn’t know of any kind of frontiers and, even less, theme or technique frontiers. And an artistic technique with a fully urban origin like the graffiti can be applied masterfully to the bird theme, especially if the one who does it is an artist like Roc Blackblock, who from the movements of urban social activism, has worked with varied techniques of artistic expression.

If you like art, Graffbirds is for you.

WHEN? During the Festival.

WHERE? At the end of the general exhibitors zone.


On the last day, some recovered birds will be released as a symbol of the conservation projects that the Festival sponsors. Back to nature in the bird world.

WHEN? Sunday at 13:30

WHERE?  Optics zone


agents rurals