• Tim Birkhead (UK) – He will talk about the subject of his last book, the process of generation of the egg, from its fertilization to the final “painting” and about what the purpose of all its characteristics is. Professor Birkhead is able to explain all this process in a fascinating and entertaining way. He will also sign books and participate in the Agora in a chat on the history of ornithology with Xavier Ferrer, who has made research on pioneer ornithologists.
  • Magnus Robb (UK) – In his second visit to the festival, Robb will speak again about his specialty, sound recording but now about the recording of calls of nocturnal migrants. This emerging area is providing a lot of information about the migratory behaviour of birds and has allowed us to discover unknown calls. Robb will also lead a night walk to make recordings of birds migrating through the Delta.
  • Nina O’Hanlon (UK) – This specialist on seabird ecology has witnessed the problem of plastics in the ocean in all corners of the world. Shocked by the magnitude of the problema, O’Hanlon is studying the impact of plastic rubbish on seabirds from an analytical perspective but directed towards the solution of the problem.
  • Christoph Meier (Switzerland) – Investigator of the Swiss Ornithological Institute, he will show the results of his work on the ecology of migration of Alpine Swifts in their yearly journey from Europe to Africa. With the use of geolocators, Meier and his collaborators have solved puzzles and guesses about these birds, of which we know too little from the moment they leave our continent.
  • Jaume Sañé (Catalonia) – Known as a communicator, particularly from his recent program on Catalan TV, “Natura Sàvia” (Wise Nature), Sañé is a great traveler too who knows the wildlife from most of the world. Under the title “Is it true that nature is wise?”, he will talk about the behaviour of exotic wildlife particularly that of Uganda.
  • Arnau Bonan (Catalonia) – Editor at Lynx Edicions, he has worked in many bird field guides from around the world. He will talk about his work of coordination and revision of drawers, text authors, taxonomy updates, online video and sound reviews and many other surprising hidden tasks of bird guide that are not seen from the outside.
  • Eduard Durany and Sergi Garcia (Catalonia) – The experience of Eduard Durany in the establishment of the peregrine falcon in the city of Barcelona and that on urban nature of Sergi Garcia, will get combined to show what it can be considered an example of success story: the reintroduction of the peregrine falcon in Barcelona, which, after 20 years, has become a regular inhabitant of the city.
  • Uca Díaz (Canary Islands) – Lechuzas Pajareras – Women Birders Group is a group of women birders who see the hobby of birding from a woman’s perspective. Uca Díaz and her collaborators will explain why, in spite of living in a society increasingly equalitarian, we still need to promote birding by women.
  • Gary Prescott (UK) and Ponç Feliu (Catalonia) – Prescott will get to the DBF having only used public transportation and his bike from his home in England and will get back the same way and Ponç Feliu will explain how it feels to do a green Big Year. They both have a compromise with Green Birding, an option that is having more followers day after day.
  • Eugeni Capella and Miquel Bonet (Catalonia) – Two Catalan birders set a target to see 1.000 bird species in 75 days. They went to Ecuador and didn’t take a rest until they reached their goal, which, even in a country with amazing biodiversity, was not an easy task. Not at all.
  • Lassi Rautiainen (Finland) –  This Finnish photographer and nature lover has spent long years defending Finland’s wolves, bears and wolverines, educating the public through his photos, articles, books and lectures. He has striven to eradicate distorted myths and to emphasise the sheer beauty of Finland’s large carnivores. His pictures and his experiences are just astounding.
  • Jordi Palau (Catalonia) – Technical director of the National Game Reserve of Boumort, he is an expert in what is known as “rewilding”, which is introduced as a new focus of nature restoration that breaks concepts and goes beyond saving what we have left or return the land to the natural state that we think is the correct one. And, how can we implement this concept in highly populated, industrialized Catalonia?
  • Eduardo Soler and María Clara Díaz (Colòmbia) – With the bird festivals of the Tolima and the Risaralda, Colombia, and their activities of bird tourism, these two speakers have gained experience in the establishment of a link between bird tourism, science and conservation. Soler, founder of Limonium, and Díaz, expert on wildlife ecology, will talk about what the formula is to make this combination profitable both for visitors, science and wildlife alike, with the parrots of the High Andes, in severe risk of extinction, as a case study.

As in other editions, there will be more lectures, presentations of book novelties, new products and services of the exhibitors.

We will continue this year with the Agora, an informal space to interact with our guests from a different angle, with relaxed interviews looking for anecdotes and untold stories that don’t usually come up in the main lectures but that very often are as interesting as the lectures themselves.

And do not miss, on Saturday at 11 am in Marquee 3, the presentation of conservation projects that opt to take the benefits of the Festival. Each team will make its presentation. Remember that this year YOU CHOOSE. Check the details of the selected projects HERE


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