The most important brands of the optical industry will present their novelties and range of models. Optical stands will be in front of the Tancada lagoon in order to watch the birds and test the binoculars and telescopes of the exposed brands. This year we are going to have much more photographic material exposed and best offers of the leading brands in cameras and lenses. Aldo we are going to have a second hand market to give the opportunity to our visitors to buy and sell their used material.


casanovafoto_logoCasanova foto lives photography since 1972. We are a leading company in photographic material sale and distributor of leading brands.

FUJIFILM offers  Serie X cameras with interchangeable optics APS-C, the perfect combination of versatility, movement, discretion and lightness for nature photography.

logo_swarovskyJ. Esteller, SL is SWAROVSKI OPTIK authorized distributor in Spain and Portugal for more than 30 years. Nikon, a leading brand in photography and optics with the last technology in cameras, binoculars, telescopes, and laser telemetric systems.
ExcopesaNatura is a company particularly dedicated to nature observation, ornithology and digiscoping. They distribute exclusively in Spain the prestigious optic brand Zeiss, with the most advanced technology of the market. They also work with the recognized German brand MINOX.

Lumix (Panasonic) is a leading Japanese brand of photographic gears, and its name is synonymous of innovation and quality.  In Spain, they commercialize the mirrorless gears Lumix G and the full-frame camera model, Lumix S.
Sony, mundial leader in digital images, develops the most advanced technologies and integrate them on their photographic gears with the aim to satisfy even the most demanding photographers. Reflecta is a distributor of the Japanese brands, Sigma since 1975. And since 1961 of  Zhiyun, an Asiatic brand. They also distribute Pentax and Ricoh.
Olympus was founded in Japan in 1919, it became an important manufacturer of innovative optic and digital equipment for the health sector and consumes electronics. They have designed products for endoscopy and microscopy for more than 90 years, medical and industrial equipments, cameras and voice recorders. Vanguard_Logo-Horizontal_Gradient_R_WebVanguard is an international company who produces photographic accessories and observation products with more than 30 years of experience, developing quality products and all levels for the consumers.
Foto Tècnica Import S.L. is a company dedicated to importing and export articles of the leading brands as Zeiss, Benro, SanDisk, Phottix, Shimoda, Stealth, Gear, Tenba, Lee Filters or Atomos. KITE Optics and KENKO are two outstanding brands. The first one, KITE Optics, is a Belgian brand leader in binoculars. And the second, KENKO, is a Japanese fabricant with a broad set of photographic products for professionals.
kowa-logoThe Japanese brand KOWA manufactures terrestrial telescopes since 1952 and has become one of the leaders in the sector of nature observations. The PROMINAR line, with models that incorporate fluorite glass, is recognized worldwide for its optical excellence. For more than 30 years we import and distribute leader brands in the sector of photography, video and sport optics like Manfrotto, Gitzo, Lowepro, Joby, Bushnell, Tasco, Hähnell, B+W, NiSi, etc. All the first quality equipment and accessories for nature photography and video.
Tragopan is a specialized brand designing and producing materials for wildlife photography and observation. Each  Tragopan’s product is a result of a long effort and field experience.  GPO is a small company located in Munich, Germany. They are distributors of first quality binoculars for birders and nature lovers.
opticronlogoOpticron offers binoculars, monoculars, telescopes, tripods, telephotography and digiscoping equipment and accessories. The spirit of the company is to offer the best solutions for nature lovers, no matter the age, budget or experience, giving the best combination of quality, choose and value with exceptional customer service. vortex_lgVortex s a leading brand in the binocular and telescopes industry. They have a wide range of products that satisfies the different levels of quality. Thanks to their VIP guarantee, if you ever have a problem, VORTEX will solve your problem.


Some of the most important authors will sign their books in AGORA.

logo_lynxLynx Edicions is a reference publisher of nature books, especially ornithology books. Their best seller is Handbook of the Birds of the world, is among the most important works on ornithology ever produced. Tundra ediciones is a publisher specialized on natural history and nature conservation.
logo_oryx_peuOryx the Nature Lover store, shares your hobby and gives you the expert advice about more than 15000 books of natural history that you can book on their website.
They are going to have a wide selection of titles at the festival, so you can choose and enjoy special offers.


The most important European brands of this material are going to have a special importance in this Festival.

logoGarden Birds is a company dedicated to distribution of nest boxes and troughs for wild animals. They also give advise about biological control of plagues and encourage biodiversity. 


Artists who will exhibit their art at the Festival.

Mira al pajariko is an illustration and nature art project with birds as protagonists. They offer bird and nature illustrations that use techniques of watercolors, engraving, oil and acrylic painting. nuevo logo copiaPaper and feathers” , de Nacho Sevilla, is a sample of pictures related to the world of birds using different techniques (watercolour, oil painting, inks, charcoals, pencil…). He is going to sell originals and reproductions with high quality.
Lucía Gómez Serra, defines herself as a wildlife artist who is devoted to scientific and nature illustration. She gives courses and workshops on this area and has a degree in fine arts, combining her profession with art exhibitions. Paco Ventura, is an Aragon’s sculptor who is in love with the natural world. He matched his passion with his abilities to obtain extraordinary results. This artist is able to express in each of his works the essence of the species he reproduces.
PLEGO are fantastic 3D figures made from separate pieces of paper are folded and glued until they form a surprising bird.
Apart from being aesthetically appealing, they test your skills with your hand, so you have fun and learn with them. They come with a didactic form with information about each species.


Specialized companies and professionals in services like guiding tours, naturalists, hides, specialized rural accommodations, thematic webs, magazines…

logo_2016The electric bike of the Ebro Delta has a name, Deltacleta and will help you to go over big distances with less effort! Enjoy a special experience in the Natural Park territory.. PHOTO_LOGISTICSPhoto Logistics is a company that offers services for the nature photographer. They have a wide offer of hides tot take photos of the most iconic species, guided photographic walks, nature activities for families and international trips.
Mirua Logo color 2 - webMIRUA is a company of nature and mountain guides since 1995. Among their activities bird observation is to be highlighted; they operate in the Western Pyrenees and Navarra. They also have information about Reckrea, the association of rural accommodation in Navarra and Bidelagun a tourist assotiation of  Sakana Valley.

Matoke Travel is a travel agency specialized on nature travels. Among their best destinations are Uganda, Madasgascar or South Africa.

Bird Photo Tours, offers services of tour guiding and hides to photograph birds, like Little Bustards, Bonelli’s Eagle or Bearded Vulture. They sell services linked to wild photography, rural development and the perception of birds like an active, that add potential to territory. The Natural Reserve of Sebes is a protected area managed by  GRUP de NATURA FREIXE for the last 30 years. This natural reserve offers many activities of ornithological and nature tourism.
 Crew foundation is focused on dissemination with the aim to protect fauna and on fundraising to develop their own projects.

Tamandua photo is a specialized company on ornithological and nature travels in Panama. The main office is located in Cerro Punta, a small town in the Highlands of the Chiriquí.

Amazon Birding Fest is the first festival of Birding and Biotourism in the Amazonia, located in Perú. The potential of Amazon in specialized nature tourism is driven by birding, given the great diversity of birds in the area. TOLIMA

Promotion of the V Festival  Tolima‘s birds, and birdwatching in this country. Furthermore,  we’ll offer a tasting of natural Colombian coffees.

 Fundació Ecoagroturismo – Ecotur is a state-wide organism in charge of ecological and responsible tourism. It’s portal of agrotourism and ecotourism plus an ecological certification of rural tourism and nature. Empreses turístiques del Delta is a non-profit association created in 2005, encouraged by the process of elaboration of the candidacy of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park.

Espai Natura Muntanya d’Alinyà is located in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, the only region of Europe where nest the four species of vultures that live in the Old Continent: Griffon vulture, Bearded vulture, Egyptian vulture, and Cinereous Vulture. Located between the Cadi mountains and the Segre river, with more than 5000 ha and between 500 and 2380 m of height, gives it a very wide range of environments.

El Millarón is an exclusive place in the Sierra de San Pedro (Cáceres) in an area of special protection and conservation. It offers a chance for both amateurs and professionals to observe and photograph the nature.


logo_icoICO Catalan Institute of Ornithology) is a non-profit entity that has about one thousand partners and more than 35 years dedicated to the study of birds in Catalonia. Is an association dedicated to the research and formation in applied ornithology field. Their activity is focused on ringing and integrated following of birds population.  GEPEC-EdC, Grup d’Estudi i Protecció dels Ecosistemes Catalans-Ecologistes de Catalunya will expose the conservancy projects, dissemination and awareness of the natural environment, the school of naturalists, etc. that we’re carrying out in the southern part of Catalonia.
seoSEO/BirdLife (Sociedad Española de Ornitología) is the pioneer organization in nature and biodiversity conservation in Spain. Founded in 1954 with the aim of preserve wild birds and their habitat, its territorial establishment is based in their partners enthusiasm (12.000 nowadays), that support their work and collaborates disinterestedly in a lot of activities. LIBERA, nature without litter, was born in 2017 to restrain the consequences of the ‘basuraleza’, that is, litter left on natural spaces, in this case on different Spanish ecosystems. The project was brought to life by the well-known Spanish NGO SEO/Birdlife together with Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organization that promotes circular economy through recycling. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness and mobilize citizenship to keep natural spaces free from litter and, in so doing, to free more of life in favor of biodiversity.
Espais Naturals de Ponent will exhibit information about the natural values of this area, Ponent, with a particular focus on its birdlife, cultural and architectonical values.

Espai Natura Torres de Segre is a municipal organization of stewardship that works with the aim to take care and promote the Western Natural Spaces in the municipality from the Information Point and Interpretation Centre of the RFNS and the wetland of Utxesa.

agents ruralsThe Country Rangers look after the conservation of nature and the protection of the environment. They defend our natural heritage and the future of our countryside for the enjoyment of the whole community. The Corps of Country Rangers consists of 500 rangers across Catalonia who help our fellow citizens with vocation, proximity, professionality and effectiveness. Barcelona Zoo a public body under the City Council of Barcelona, is to contribute to the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity of this planet, tworking in cooperation with other zoos, administrations, organizations and university and scientific centres.


Patronat de Turisme de les Terres de l’Ebre is an autonomous body of the Diputació de Tarragona that works for the promotion and support to the commercialization of the Terres de l’Ebre brand. logo ampostaAjuntament d’Amposta (Amposta city council), one of the municipalities of the Ebro Delta definitely bets on quality tourism and among their action lines boosting ornithological tourism clearly stands out as an important objective.
Marca_ANDALUCIA_&_foot_EU_eng-RGBTurismo Andaluz is a public company that works for the management of tourism and sports in Andalucía. They promote and commercialize Andalucía tourism resources and supports Andalusian tourism companies. Ecoturisme de les Illes Balears,  bases on the natural and cultural values of Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera have been recognized by UNESCO. Biodiversity and mediterranean landscape of these islands are worth to visit.
aragonPrepare your birding trip with Birding Aragón. You’ll find more than 300 species, 16 birding trails with the most outstanding birds of Aragon and a wide diversity of environments in less than 100 kms. BirdingextremaduraExtremadura is one of the most desired destinations for the ornithology and nature lovers. It is a popular territory with a strategic geographical situation inside the migratory routes of a lot of birds
Los Realejos city council in Tenerife (Canary Islands) works to promote birdwatching, natural and rural tourism in this area, which are the main points of their touristic strategy. comunitatOrnithological tourism in the Comunitat Valenciana (Valencian Community). A set of valencian companies will offer birdwatching and natural walkings in this country. Also, they’ll offer slow tourism activities, hikings, astrotourism….
pndeThe Ebro Delta, with its 320 km2, is the biggest aquatic habitat of Catalonia and has a rich diversity of environments that includes a big diversity of organisms adapted to different habitats. This biological richness contrasts with deep human presence. With the aim of harmonize between the natural values and its exploitation by the human population, and thanks to its own population, the Catalan Goverment formed the Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre in 1983). pn els portsBetween Catalonia, Valencia and Aragón, this limestone range of rugged and steep relief has been inhabited since prehistorical times. In spite of this, the mountain range of els Ports today still is a pristine wilderness teeming with wildlife.