THE LEGEND OF PALE MALE –  Free cinema screening 
This year, when we will talk about urban falcons at the Delta Birding Festival, we won’t miss the opportunity to talk about urban hawks in New York too. The Legend of Pale Male is a documentary of a Belgian young man, Frederic Lilien, who arrives, disoriented, in New York in 1993 with the intention to find a meaning to his life. In that moment, a Red-tailed Hawk gets established in a building near Central Parc, an almost white bird, whom New Yorkers name Pale Male. Llien decides to make a documentary of the bird, that spans over 15 years.

The result is in fact a love story among the inhabitants of the city and the hawk, who finally becomes a symbol of the fight for survival in the concrete jungle, apart from a tourist attraction and a place of pilgrimage. A crowd of birders, movie stars, poets, children and late night show presenters follow the life of Pale Male minute by minute. A life that is not free from handicaps, good news and dangers that trigger very emotional reactions among hawk lovers. This is story made in New York that surprises and moves as few can do.

Saturday: 22:00 h

Language: english (V.O.S.E)

WHERE?   Plaça de la Font a Poblenou del Delta

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With the aim of protecting the Mediterranean Sea, the National Geographic marine biologist and explorer Manu San Felix has been studying its threats under the surface for more than thirty years. To make visible the decline that we are causing in its biodiversity, embarks on an underwater trip where the documentary “Salvemos nuestro Mediterráneo” is born.

Saturday: 20:00 h

Language: spanish

WHERE? Marquee 1



Amid the smiles of the four seasons, the rhythm of the soul of nature, thousands of birds coming from distant corners of the world awake the Ebro Delta, immense, splendorous and captivating, with majestic flights, unusual colors and lovely songs, who make us love forever and ever, and invite us to think and feel that we are part of a wonderful place.

Saturday: 19:00 h

Language: musical video

WHERE? Marquee 2





A plastic Ocean




Ocells en temps de sembra



“Our planet: one planet”



The birders. A melodic journey through Northern Colombia


Friday: 17:30 h

Saturday: 17:15 h

Sunday: 12:00 h

Duration: 30 mins

Language: english (V.O.S.E)

Place: Marquee 3

Friday: 18:30 h

Saturday: 18:15 h

Sunday: 13:00 h

Duration: 15 mins

Language: cathalan

Place: Marquee 3

Saturday morning: 12:30 h

Saturday evening: 19:00 h

Sunday: 11:00 h

Duration: 45 mins

Language: english (V.O.S.E)

Place: Marquee 3

Friday: 19:00 h

Saturday: 16:00 h

Sunday: 13:30 h

Duration: 60 mins

Language: english (V.O.S.E)

Place: Marquee 3